Cassani / Campbell brings together the utterly unique Scottish-based Italian double bassist and songwriter, Roberto Cassani, and the hugely gifted saxophonist, and composer Fraser Campbell, a Scot who has lived for the last decade in New York.

Their debut album arose from outdoor jams in Fraser’s hometown of Perth (and Roberto’s adopted home) where he’d returned for lockdown and its title poet /shuts / clock is the what3words geolocation tag for the bench on the city’s North Inch park where they’d meet to play. Released in 2023 on US jazz label Sunnyside, the album combines spontaneous lyrics, quirky spoken word, bossa nova and the blues to create an unforgettable listening experience.

Earlier in lockdown, Roberto released Ansema, a joyous album featuring songs in the very localised and little-heard Rivoltano dialect of his hometown Rivolta d’Adda in northern Italy. Recorded with some of  Scotland’s finest traditional musicians, the album rightly received rave reviews.

They’ve now put together a band that will combine material from both albums along with songs from Roberto’s Italian language collection Cantico and some new instrumentals in their live sets. It features the brilliant Scottish pipes and low whistle virtuoso Ross Ainslie, alongside guitarist Graeme Stephen and Doug Hough on drums, both hugely distinctive and accomplished musicians.

“What they have created together is a quirky and unique little body of work full of humour and charm. The best analogy I can give is to imagine if Ivor Cutler had formed a jazz trio.

Their music is a weird blend of Jazz, Celtic music, spoken word and songs. Some in Italian, some in Cassani’s native dialect from his hometown between Milan and Bergamo and others where he uses his accent and pronunciation for comic or dramatic effect.

Early in the gig Cassani said that we didn’t come here to listen to him talk. But we could have as he is an excellent storyteller. And that’s what this felt like to me. Little stories woven into music.” Is This Music?