Rachel Baiman is a hugely gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who’s earned her stripes as part of 10 String Symphony, as a session musician with Molly Tuttle, Kelsey Waldon and Caroline Spence and as live sidewoman with Kacey Musgraves and Amy Ray.

Since her first solo release in 2017 she’s carved out a niche as an increasingly important, distinctive and political solo artist. Her latest self-produced album, Common Nation Of Sorrow, is arguably her finest to date. It’s certainly her most outspoken and hard-hitting, exploring the underbelly of American capitalism, and the individual and communal devastation it manifests, particularly on her own generation. It’s a tribute to her ability as a writer, singer and producer that it does so to such powerfully moving effect.

“Rachel Baiman’s emotionally raw, plaintive vocals create an exquisite, expansive soundscape that allow her lyrics to permeate our souls, calling us to consider the delicate balance of the human condition, to mourn it, to celebrate it.” Folk Alley

“With her expressive and finely weathered voice, she weaves traditional bluegrass and folk threads through plights big and small, injustices and generational trauma” No Depression